DIY conveyancing: the pros and cons

Some people believe DIY conveyancing can save money, but before you make any decisions, make sure you are fully aware of the pros and cons.


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Is it legal?

It is legal to undertake your own conveyancing, but many professionals advise against it for a number of reasons. If you are applying for a mortgage to help you buy the property, the mortgage company will insist that a professional conveyancer is used to represent their interests, so if you are undertaking the conveyancing yourself, you will still have to pay for the mortgage company representative.

The benefits

The fee you pay your conveyancer is relatively small compared to all the other costs involved. Stamp duty plus searches and land registry costs all add up and need to be paid whether you undertake your own conveyancing or not.


Even if you have the time to undertake the conveyancing, you will also need the knowledge to be able to communicate effectively with everyone involved in the chain.


If a potential issue is found during the conveyancing process, a professional will know how to solve it and who to contact.


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Property prices are said to be rising, making it harder for first-time buyers to get on the property ladderMortgaged properties

On completion day, solicitors need to make sure that all outstanding money is paid. Solicitors for both sides will work together on mutual trust, however, they are less likely to trust an unknown individual. While it is possible to instruct a solicitor just to handle the transferring of funds, the cost of this needs to justify them taking on the business and creating accounts and paperwork. It is likely this will not cost that much less than if they had undertaken all the legalities.

Appointing a solicitor for buying a house is standard practice and means you have someone working for you. Companies such as can take the stress out of property buying and leave you to concentrate on the more practical side of moving home.


One of the biggest reasons a professional would not advise anyone to undertake their own conveyancing is because if a mistake is made, this could result in a court case and the property sale falling through. A professional company will have insurance to protect against this happening.